Professional and reliable audit

I carry out a professional and reliable audit of information security / personal data protection from the formal, legal, organizational and technical side.

As part of the audit, I analyze

all areas of the company’s activity related to the processing of personal data, assessment of business processes in the organization, security policy, procedures and instructions, contracts with key business partners, IT systems, ICT infrastructure, physical and environmental security.

As part of the audit, I perform a specialist security assessment, develop a security policy for collecting, processing and sharing information, minimize the risks associated with disclosing data to unauthorized persons, raise employees’ awareness of information security / personal data protection.

Information security audit

First of all, the information security audit is to determine
the status of currently used security measures applied within the organization.
At this stage, they are verified. Appropriate improvements are then implemented.

The personal data protection audit

is closely related to the verification of documentation and procedures required
by the provisions on the protection of personal data - it is the basis for the preparation of a report
containing information describing the facts, as well as conclusions containing recommendations
that should be introduced by the organization as soon as possible, that the processing of personal data
takes place in accordance with the provisions relating to this process.

 I participate as an expert in research and development projects
aimed at implementing innovations improving the competitive position of the organization
and increasing the efficiency of management by implementing solutions that improve the management process,
improving work organization, and increasing the quality of products / services.

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