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Information on diplomas
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I am a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology and the International PhD /Doctoral Studies in Economics and Management. I completed post-graduate diploma course „Management Analyst” and „IT Project Management” and post-graduate course Management Studies “Audit and internal control”. I am a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors IIA Poland (I was a member of the Management Board 2011-2012) and the Polish IT Society PTI. Currently, I run a small sized enterprise. I am an Inspector of Personal Data Protection. I have recently participated in a research project on   revitalization of Warsaw, Praga Płn., Praga Płd. and Targówek.

My core competencies:

focus on goals / results, a strategic perspective at activities, effective forecast, plan and implement assumptions, the ability to learn and make changes,
the ability to take difficult decisions under time pressure, high communication skills, customer / service recipient orientation, extensive knowledge
in the field of qualology, management, economics, quality management, audit, risk management in the enterprise, information security, IT.