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Training offer

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Interpersonal training includes managerial workshops
among others:

PR / Marketing / Negotiation
to include among others:

HR / Human resources
to include among others:

Project Management
to include including:

Workshops on: quality management / quality audit
to include, among others:

European Computer Driving License (ECDL) computer courses *
to include, among others:

* In cooperation with ECDL Examination Centres – I provide a certification process in accordance with the guidelines of the Polish Information Technology Society (information available at ECDL).

** Information on the ECDL website.

Substantive content of my training
includes, among others
issues related to:

Applied Techniques

Lotus flower, meta-plan, reversal, brainwriting pool, colour, random
or analogies stimulate ability to creatively solve a problem and show opportunities  trainees do not even suspect.

Why is it worth

using my training services

It is worth taking part in my training since I apply innovative solutions

The teaching process involves senses i.e. touch, proprioception, sight, hearing, taste and smell. Senses forward a huge amount of sensory information to the brain.

The brain recognizes the information, interprets and responds appropriately. Sensory integration processes functioning properly are the basis for proper development and performance of a trainee.

Appropriate cooperation of senses is essential for proper functioning (otherwise, sensory processing is disturbed, and as a result, everyday interactions with the environment are ineffective).

I offer training on:

– creative thinking, creativity,
– financial analysis,
– strategic controlling,
– business analysis,
– quality costs,
– cost-reducing tools,
– marketing strategies,
– negotiation and persuasion,
– modern methods of selling products / services,
– effective incentive systems for management and employees,
– improvement of implemented processes,
– information security, an organization physical protection
– other issues to be agreed individually with the client.